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YEAR 2019

Endowment Fund

   On our 25th year of passing out of the school, we the class of ‘93 of Vana Vani are happyy to support the education of two school students in financial need. we have created an endowment fund that would partially pay the tution fees for two deserving students selected by us from a list given by the school, one of the students must be a girl since our focus is education of the girl child.

   Our goal and hope is that the students we support go on to make a mark professionally and are inspired to serve society.


Vana Vani Alumni Meet 2017

Dear Alumni

First wish to thank all the Alumni who made it for the meeting on 26th Jan 2017.
With regards to the Vana Vani Alumni meeting held on 26/01/2017, the following are the key items that were discussed as part of the agenda.

In Attendance: VV School Management team comprising of (Chairman, Principal, Vice-Principal and Secretary / Treasurer). We also had around 23 ex-students from various batches upto 1991. The alumni present were Mr. Kamalnab (1968), Mrs. Vanitha Balachandar (1981), Mr. Sai Prasad (1982), Mr. Murugavel Selvan (1982), Dr.Selvamuthu Kumar (1983), Mrs. M. KamalaKumari (1984), Mr. Jitendra Goenka (1984), Ms. Gayathri (1984), Mr. Manish Batra (1987), Mr. N. Raghavendran (1987), Mr. Manesh Bomb (1987), Mr. Vivek Dhanda (1987), Mr. Peter Dmonte (1987), Mr. S. Balasubramanian (1988), Mrs. N. Sowmiyanarayanan(1988), Prof. Srikanth Vedantam (1989), Dr. Amutha (1989), Mr. Yogeshwaran (1989), Mrs. Sreeganga (1991), Mr.V. Mukundan (1991), Mr. D. Thirumalai (1991), Prof. J. Anand (1991), Mrs. Vijay Narasimhan (1994).

The Agenda:

1. Registration of Vana Vani Alumni Association.
2. Formation of the Executive council / core group for a year so that we can register the entity.
3. Have an Alumni office setup @ primary school with a dedicated staff.
4. All communications regarding Alumni to be thru the School website and fb only and Alumni would be a part of it.
5.Chairman Presentation of the Alumni on various aspects like, Orgin of the school, Achivements, Fostering Academic Excellence, Inte-school EC Activities, Intra-school ECA Club, Competitive & Festive Sprit, Vision of the school, Recent Initiatives, Alumni Contributions, Honouring as Resource Person & Chief Guest, Back us into the Future.
6. Fund raising through local / foreign contribution and how to get tax exemption for both.

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