The place we visited: The zoological survey of India, Santhome(Aquarium & Museum), Day & Date: 18th October 2019,Friday

A field trip is a different kind of experience than a break or picnic. It was a day away from the routine of school. The purpose of a field trip is to help students learn and absorb new experiences in unfamiliar and casual environments. It allows them to learn various things, and provides them with a chance to enhance their skill set.

We the class teachers of second standard , students and the parent volunteers started at 9:30 am from the school and reached the venue at 10:10 am. Our first visit wasto the aquarium. The students got a mixture of entertainment and education byobserving the different varieties ofmarine species.

The second was the museum. The students were excited to see the specimens and skeleton of sea cow. There the curator gave informationabout the specimens.And hedifferentiated between the marine aquarium and themarine museum.

With the information and excitement, wereached theschool around 12 O’clock. It was one of the memorable,interesting, valuable, educational trip tothe students.

The departing The departing on the hunt for information. BUS அடிக்கும் வெயிலிலும் ஆர்வமுடன் அன்பு செல்லங்கள் . Gathering information1 Gathering information2 Gathering information3 Wow! Amazing tonch Wow! Baby turtle See,it's sea cow's skeleton Curator clarifies1 Curator clarifies Mind full of thoughts.❤ full of Joy.