Installation of Interact Club of Vanavani was held on 11th July, 2019. The program started by the lighting the flames of kuthuvilaku by the chief guest Rtn. PHF.T.Sathish. The collar was handed over by immediate Past President Tawfeeq Hussain to the newly elected President Sangeetha.S.K The charter was exchanged between the secretary (2018-19) Niveditha.M and current secretary Sai Vidya S.R (XI C). Oath was taken- by the new interact board members by lighting the candle. Acceptance speech was given by the new President and the plan for year 2019-2020 was presented. A video was played in which various interact members, rotaract Clubs and DRR RID 3232 from different places wished us luck for the interact year 2019-20.

Our beloved Principal Mr. Sathish Kumar and our Vice Principal Mrs. Princy Tom addressed the gathering and wished the interactors to go forth and conquer. The Chief guest Rtn. PHF T. Sathish gave a thought provoking speech and also told about the main objective of the Rotary Club which is “Eradicating Polio”.

Our first speaker of the day Rtn. Suryabhaskar President Rotary Club of Madras ChennaPatna narrated a story through which he conveyed a very valuable lesson and to develop the ability to withstand any adverse situation and face the problem bravely. Then the second speaker of the day Rtn. PDRR Solomon Victor gave us an entertaining and a stimulating speech. Interact club teacher Co- coordinator Mrs. Vijaya Abhirami thanked all the unsung heroes who had helped to make the event a memorable one. The ceremony was adjourned by the new president.

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