On Saturday, the 7th of December 2019, the campus looked stunning as it was getting drenched in the mild drizzle. Just in time, the sun's rays penetrated through the foliage as if it didn't want to ruin the fun. Rain or shine, the spirit of the Vanavanians will never be dampened!

It was a day for 'Sharing my Learning', - a subject integration Project Display (Culmination Day, 2019) by the students of classes I to IX which is a new initiative by our Principal, Mr. M.Sathish Kumar.

Each section was given a different topic and was asked to relate the topic with all the 5 major subjects such as Tamil, English, Science, Social Science and Math. Despite the complications involved, the children had come up with some wonderful ideas seeking help from teachers and parents and had put up a great show. Teachers, students, parents and grandparents witnessed the displays with much enthusiasm.

Parents were instrumental in taking the event one notch higher as they had volunteered throughout, right from decorating their wards' class rooms to organizing the Models with perfection. The primary children sang, danced and acted out based on the theme which left the spectators speechless. It was not only a visual treat but also a treat to our taste buds as some parents went the extra mile to serve yummy delicacies to the visitors. Classes VI to IX had been given some interesting topics too and they had come up with unique ideas to present their given theme. There were some fun games for the visitors. We could see the efforts put in by each and every student to make the event a memorable one.

In order to further encourage the students, it was decided to present a trophy to the best section of each grade. Some of the parents were kind enough to volunteer as judges to evaluate various projects based on a given criteria. The contest being neck and neck, the judges had a tough time to decide upon the winner.

While words of appreciation go to the students a special thanks goes to the Principal, Vice Principal, Section- Heads and Teachers. Without the support of the parents this event could not have been successful as they acted as the pillars of support behind this awe inspiring event!

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