OPEN DAY -19/10/19

On Saturday (19/10/19), the corridors of VanaVani was bustling with various activities. We had our Open day for all classes, where the parents met the class teacher and subject teachers to discuss the performance of their ward. They were also encouraged to give feedback on any issuer they felt that requires a corrective measure.

Our School councillor Dr.Yamuna was also available in the School and some of the parents used the opportunity to meet her.

A workshop was conducted for parents of class XI on the topic ‘Managing Expectations’. We had Mrs. Abhirambika from Green minds conducting the session. A workshop for parents was an initiative started this year and the response was good. Parents are now looking forward to such workshops organized by the school.

‘Nilavembu Kashayam’ was also made available to parents and students as a preventive medicine against Dengue and many of them made use of it.

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