Vana Vani hosted the Math expo named VAN SAMKHYA, an interschool competition to promote the importance of learning mathematics in a joyful way. We had an overwhelming response from the various schools who enthusiastically participated in the various events.


The expo was formally inaugurated by the Chairman Prof. Arun K.Tangirala, Department of Chemical Engineering I.I.T Madras, Chennai . He also shared his vision on the necessity to learn math in a joyful way with the younger generation. The school choir rendered a song in Sanskrit dedicating it to mathematics. An audio C.D. of this was received by Math teachers Mrs. Leela Sampath and Mrs. R. Akilandeswari from our Chairman. The various competitions began to roll in the different parts of the school.


There was a spectacular display of innovative methods of calculations by the students of classes 1 and 2 in the primary. The middle and high school students had an innovative and astonishing display outside the primary auditorium.


1. Mind on, Hands on(Classes 1 & 2) This event had two rounds. The preliminary was a written round of solving puzzles using the basic operations - addition, subtraction, odd & even numbers and shapes. The final was an activity based round where the participants constructed shapes by using the given materials. The Judge was Mrs. Mythili , a Maths teacher

2. Design a park with shapes (Classes 3 & 4) This event had an enthusiastic group of children who exhibited their creativity in designing parks. It was enthralling to see the young hands design a park. The Judge was Mrs. Lalitha Bhaskaran , a retired Mathematics teacher

3. Brain Bashers (Classes 5 & 6) The preliminary event in this round had the Sudoku puzzles and the final round had to solve the Calcudoku. Each team consisted of two members and they were evaluated based on their speed and accuracy.

4. Kitecture (Models on architecture used in places of worship)- Classes 7 & 8 An enthusiastic group of students participated in this competition. It was a feast to the eyes to see their creativity and imagination in the form of models. The Judge was Mrs. T. MaryVithyaan Asst. Prof from S. R. R. College of Engg.

5. Models on mathematical concepts using waste material (Classes 9 & 10) This competition included a team of two participants from each school. It was a joy to see the models created by the students. The Judge was Mrs. Krishnaveni , a retired Mathematics teacher

6. Powerpoint presentation (Classes 9 & 10) This event consisted of teams of two members. They made their presentation on • Math for quality life or • Joy in learning math. The students excelled in the concept and the design of the slides. It was evaluvated by Prof. Jayanthan A. V, Department of Mathematics, I.I.T Madras, Chennai.

7. Paper presentation (Classes 11 & 12) This event had a participation of 10 schools. It was mesmerizing to see the young minds present concepts in 3D – related to Analytical Geometry. The paper presentation was judged by Dr. S. U. Malini, Asst. Professor from D. G. Vaishnav College

8. Quiz – Junior (Classes 6,7 & 8) Senior (Classes 9,10,11,12) The quiz for the juniors and the seniors were held in the Primary Auditorium. The preliminary round had written tasks where as the finals was conducted by Prof. SarangSahe and Prof. B. Sriram from the Department of Mathematics , IIT Madras, Chennai.


Prof. K. N. Raghavan from Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences was kind enough to grace the occasion and give away the prizes. He also spoke about the various venues and opportunities to pursue math as a career.



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