On 6/12/2019(Friday) a memorable AIDS Day Programme was organised in our school by the Red Ribbon Club. This event held from 8.30 am and went on till 9.20 am and was held in the main assembly ground of our school. In this short event students from class 8-12 took part. This event commenced by arival of the chiefguests, Dr.Arun Murugan and Dr. Chithra. There was a colourful welcome followed by the presentation of momento the chiefguests by our school principal. We studied with prayer song by our school cois group, it was followed by a welcome speech. The chiefguest speech was interesting and in for motive for our students and a special song was sung by our XI-C students. At last the results of the competitions held by the red ribbon club were announced. Many students from our school won certificates. It was followed by a formal vote of thanks and the event was concluded.

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