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Course Offered at Higher Secondary level (Std. XI & Std. XII)

Part I : One of the following languages : TAMIL / SANSKRIT / FRENCH
Part II : English (Compulsory for all)
Part III : Any one of the following Groups
Group 1
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Group 2
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
Group 3
Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Business Maths & Statistics
Group 4
Accountancy, Commerce, Economics & Computer Application
Apart from the facilities offered for all the sports and games included in the curriculum, there are special facilities provided for training after school hours. Extracurricular activities include Public Speaking, General Knowledge, Literary Activities, Dramatics and Music. Provision is made for the cultivation of other hobbies as well.
IIT Campus, Chennai - 600 036
Phone: 2257 0043. Email:

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