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   Vana Vani situated in the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, was founded on 8th July 1963 as a primary school with 52 pupils. Today it has grown and developed into a fullfledged Matriculation Higher Secondary School with above 2000 boys and girls on the rolls.

  The school is run by the IIT Madras Educational Trust and is managed by a Committee comprising of the Chairman, the Secretary - cum - Treasurer, the Principal, an Educationist of repute and parent representatives.

  “The school is operated by a Trust, namely, the IIT Madras Educational Trust consisting of the following Trustees - Director (IITM) as Managing Trustee, Registrar (IITM) as Secretary, Dean (Academic Courses) and Dean (Administration) as members. The Trust is a non-profit organisation registered under the Registrar of Societies, Tamil Nadu. For directing the school operations, the Trust appoints a Managing Committee (MC), members of which are appointed for a three-year period. The present MC appointees are Prof. S. P. Dhanavel (Chairman), Shri. Raman Kumar (Secretary-Cum-Treasurer), Mr. M. Sathish Kumar (Principal), Smt. Vijayalakshmi Srivatsan (Educationist of Repute), Prof. Sudakar Chandran (Member, Parent representative from Group A Faculty), Shri R Parthiban (Member, Parent representative from Group B employees), Shri D Govindaraj (Member, Parent representative from Group C employees), Smt. Kalpanasakthivel (Member, Parent representative), and Smt. Roslin Gilda (Member, Engineering Unit of IITM). All the members of the MC(except principal) are honorary - no remuneration or monetary benefits are attached to these positions.

The entire expenditure for the school’s operation including staff salaries and operational costs is met through the school’s internal revenue generation (through school fees & donations). IIT Madras does not provide any financial grant to the school.”

  The school prepares its students for the Tamilnadu Board Examination at the end of std. X, std. XI and std. XII

  The school is co-educational with English as the medium of instruction for all classes. Tamil is the first language and is compulsory for all classes.

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